Olga Elli – “Study in New Zealand”

Olga Elli – “Study in New Zealand”

Olga Elli – Embajada Nueva Zelanda

“Study in New Zealand”
New Zealand’s education system offers high quality, globally-recognized qualiications in a
welcoming, safe and supportive learning environment with great life-style opportunities. It is a place where learning is student-centered and independent thinking is welcomed. New Zealand is known for its great PISA results and excellent teachers’ training. Apart from its sophisticated education system, New Zealand’s stunning landscape is a perfect study destination for young adventurers.

Education Marketing Manager, Europe at Education New Zealand. Growing up in a bilingual German-Russian community laid the foundation for my great interest in foreign languages and cultures.

I followed this passion by studying “Modern Languages and Economics” at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany, and spent two semesters abroad, in England and Spain.
In my role as an Education Marketing Manager Europe at Education New Zealand I work to build awareness of New Zealand’s world class education system and promote the quality of its education institutions in Europe.

Based on my own experiences, I feel privileged to encourage European students to immerse themselves in New Zealand’s language, culture and traditions.